Nice people. Great work. 
Game-changing results.

What else would you want from a brand and digital design agency?

We’re Oblique. Oblique by name, but not by nature. We get straight to the point. Get to know your aims and ambitions. And tell you what we think. Clients value our opinions as well as our creations.

Design that works. That’s our focus. Whether it’s the logo above your door or the user experience your website offers, it has to get results. Like when we repositioned a bike-wear brand, leading to a record 20% sales increase.

And how do we maintain this focus?

We talk to you on the level. Conversations not presentations. The best results come from chatting around a table, not from lecturing you as an audience.

Also, we always want to know where we can add value. Where can we make the biggest difference? We set very specific goals, and channel all our creativity into achieving them.

It also helps that we’re a small team. You deal with the people who are doing the work. No in-betweenies with us. No Chinese whispers.

Plus, we design and build in-house

When we design your website or digital campaign, we do all the development work ourselves. So the vision we’ve agreed with you becomes reality without having to brief third parties. No fingers crossed, hoping for the best. We keep control throughout.

We also ensure your website is easy for you to use. So you have control, too.

Our clients are nice people, just like us

We’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with some great clients. One of Europe’s biggest mobile phone providers, a high street bank, a global supermarket, a world-leading pharmaceutical company, an AJ100 architectural practice, an international interior design company – and one of the best chefs in the UK.

We hope you’ll join them.

Our experts

  • Les Aubrey
  • Technical Director
  • Sophie Crawford
  • Project Manager
  • Neil Holroyd
  • Creative Director
  • Matthew Slater
  • Junior Web Developer
  • Tom Houghton
  • Designer

Selected clients